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Author: Chris Collier

Benefits Of Personal Branding

Benefits Of Personal Branding

Personal Branding

Just wanted to share how to personally brand yourself and the benefits of it!

Because your personal brand is who you are and emanates from inside you, you cannot help but attract those whom you are called to help!

  1. You become famous—selectively famous, actually.
  2. Minimize imposter syndrome because your personal brand is who you are and emanates from inside you, you cannot help but attract those whom you are called to help!




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  1. You attract opportunities.
  2. Increase In Your Energy because You are working in a sphere you enjoy!
  3. You stay in your place of happiness.
  4. You grow your wealth.
  5. You take control of your business
  6. You achieve your goals by gaining competence!
  7. You increase your confidence by reaching your goals

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Cowboys VS Personal Branding?

Cowboys versus personal branding?

What do Cowboys have to do with personal branding? Without Cowboys, we would not have personal branding at least not as we know it today! Personal branding came out of branding and branding came out of cattle rustling. Cattle rustling was when someone stole someone else’s cattle for themselves or for sale. So to prevent this was to Brand each cow that a farmer owned with a brand and this brand will leave an impression on the hide of the cattle so if you had a brand “A” and I had “B” and some cows that have the ” A” brand were in my possession I would be in trouble. just like today if someone takes my framework, my intellectual property, or my brand and use it as our own it won’t fit them as a matter of fact is they’ll probably be exposed also as a fraud

Shared Success

Many of us who have created success on the internet using personal branding would love others to be successful as well. That’s why we teach how to Brand yourself properly just like protecting yourself from cattle rustlers you want to protect yourself from intellectual property rustlers. You can do this by creating your own unique selling proposition. This USP consists of your purpose in your niche and your passion that drives you. This purpose and this passion create power for you to share value and help others change and transform themselves into the person they want to become.

You Can Too!

You have the power to help to transform lives and help people create the life they desire did they currently don’t have even if you only know 10% more than they do. While teaching them the 10% more that you know you can seriously study and consume more content in your niche is that where you’re growing and teaching. I heard the best teachers are students that are studying and teaching what they just studied because not only are they learning it they are applying it while they are learning it in your finding ways to teach people.
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